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"Somebody’s waste is another man’s raw material"

"Somebody’s waste is another man’s raw material"
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Interview with David Palmer-Jones, President of the European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD) and CEO of Suez UK

Maithreyi Seetharaman, euronews
“Do you think the goals that we set out in Europe’s Circular Economy Package are realistic or are we aiming too high? Or are we aiming to low?”

David Palmer-Jones
“You’ve got to aim high – reach for the stars little bit and I think I agree with them that it IS a push – But progress comes from a push. Technology innovation will really be the thing that pushes our circular economy. We are doing the here and now – you’re in our plant today in Birmingham – that’s the here and now. 10-15 years in the future Eco-Design would have already kicked in. We’ll be producing very different materials. Industry’ll have woken up to the fact. They’ll be taking back their materials. They’ll be creating wonderful new products from those elements. Also, cities can look at the flows of materials in my opinion and look how they can fit them together. Industrial symbiosis is a big word – it just means somebody’s waste is another man’s raw material. And that’s what they’ve got to start to do – Pairing up the materials that go round a city and pushing them back into the industries, complementary industries to start closing that loop and create the sort of jobs that you talk about.”