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Athens gives its view on Greece's financial future

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By Euronews
Athens gives its view on Greece's financial future

With Greece’s future in the euro zone looking shakier than ever, it seems the Greek population is divided over the proposed referendum on austerity measures.

There has been a rush on ATMs in the capital, with reports a dispenser in parliament was soon empty on the day following the announcement of the vote.

So what’s the feeling on the referendum? We asked the people of Athens.

“They are playing political poker,” one man said. “A tough game. This is political war. What Tsipras has achieved is to start a political dialogue in Greece, not with the lenders. This is the only thing he achieved. He did well, calling for a referendum – now the people will decide.”

“Why not have the vote? We’re doomed anyway…” said one woman, while another added:
“I came to take my pension. To buy only what’s necessary. We know what we’ll be asked at the referendum. What we don’t know is the detail of the last two deals that were accepted. From both sides.”

There is an underlying feeling of tension throughout Greece, euronews’ Athens bureau reports. Our reporter Fay Doulgkeri adds people are concerned banks may not open on Monday (June 29).
“On Friday night the anxiety felt during negotiations with Greece’s creditors reached boiling point,” she said. “Some believe the referendum and responding ‘no’ to a deal with the lenders is the only way. Others say they will vote ‘yes’ to the deal, because they think Greece’s future within the euro zone is at stake.”