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In a fast paced, ever changing world, innovative ideas, confidence and mobility are key to treading a successful path. In a series of unique reports the Generation Y team meets young people from all over Europe to share their stories and visions for the future.

Make them smile: volunteer work in Romanian childrens’ hospital

21/04 19:40 CET

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  21. 01/07/2013Croatian brain drain or brain circulation?
  22. 17/06/2013Designers getting smarter
  23. 03/06/2013Do young people care about privacy?
  24. 04/06/2013Chat: Innovation and Privacy
  25. 20/05/2013From idea to screen: hard times for indie movies
  26. 06/05/2013Greeks against racist beatings
  27. 09/05/2013Chat: Be an engaged European citizen. And make a real difference
  28. 08/05/2013Find your dream job, tips and tricks
  29. 22/04/2013How to find your dream job
  30. 08/04/2013Poland’s Green Nursery
  31. 25/03/2013Ukraine: so near and yet so far
  32. 20/03/2013Cyber Tea Break: European Voluntary Service
  33. 11/03/2013Students set sights on games industry
  34. 06/03/2013What is the Media Programme?
  35. 25/02/2013The slippery slope to success for disabled youngsters
  36. 20/02/2013Virtual Panel: Sports and Disabilities
  37. 11/02/2013The keys to success for young European actors
  38. 08/02/2013Shooting Stars 2013 – Trailer
  39. 04/02/2013Virtual Panel: how to become a successful actor
  40. 28/01/2013Europe’s young immigrants last in the job line
  41. 28/01/2013The secret of a successful restaurant
  42. 24/01/2013Erasmus students and Italian elections: a chat with the EU
  43. 14/01/2013Europe seeking skilled youths in high-tech jobs
  44. 11/01/2013Vocational training abroad with Leonardo da Vinci
  45. 09/01/2013The EBBA ceremony live tonight. Music to your ears
  46. 17/12/2012Are we heading towards a generation gap?
  47. 05/12/2012Generation… why?
  48. 03/12/2012Helping music break borders in Europe
  49. 03/12/2012Music in Europe
  50. 21/11/2012Inga’s Fragments
  51. 19/11/2012The jury’s verdict on the Top 12 in the European Union Prize for Literature
  52. 19/11/2012Unchain my language!
  53. 17/11/2012Neil Gaiman’s secret: ‘You put one word after another until you are done’
  54. 24/10/2012Everything an aspiring entrepreneur needs to know
  55. 24/10/2012Turning e-skills into jobs
  56. 22/10/2012Green means business
  57. 15/10/2012Chatting with Climate-KIC students 
  58. 04/10/2012Back to our roots
  59. 24/09/2012Adventures in teaching
  60. 14/09/2012e-Twinning: social network for european teachers
  61. 10/09/2012Want to study abroad? Comenius is for you
  62. 10/09/2012Studies abroad booming trend in Europe
  63. 01/08/2012Simone Gennai (CERN): “Without the Marie Curie fellowship I could not have finished my research on the Higgs boson”
  64. 30/07/2012From hatred to hope. Ending religious intolerance
  65. 26/07/2012Utøya massacre survivor: ‘I grew up in one hour’
  66. 18/07/2012Marie Curie actions, helping young researchers
  67. 16/07/2012Erwin Neher on better European conditions for scientific researchers
  68. 16/07/2012Nobel winners’ fan club
  69. 02/07/2012The Art Connection
  70. 02/07/2012Dan Perjovschi: Contemporary art’s great service to humanity
  71. 18/06/2012A door to the business world
  72. 18/06/2012New horizons
  73. 04/06/2012Grand Prix winners of EU Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Awards announced
  74. 04/06/2012Being a film producer
  75. 01/06/2012At 103-years-old, the youth of Manoel de Oliveira!
  76. 21/05/2012Allianoi before the flooding
  77. 21/05/2012Friendship from a common cause
  78. 21/05/2012Preserving the Future
  79. 07/05/2012Building EU-China bridges
  80. 07/05/2012Erasmus reaches out to China
  81. 07/05/2012Dialogue is the only way forward
  82. 07/05/2012China calling
  83. 07/05/2012Live Panel on “Erasmus Mundus – China”
  84. 03/05/2012Roma artists changing stereotypes
  85. 24/04/2012A turning point
  86. 24/04/2012Who can take part in voluntary service projects?
  87. 20/04/2012Voyage of Self-Discovery
  88. 09/04/2012What does the EU do for Roma people?
  89. 09/04/2012Slumdog Theatre inspires Roma youngsters
  90. 28/03/2012Live Panel on “Culture without Obstacles”
  91. 27/03/2012New life for the old
  92. 26/03/2012EU projects for disabled people
  93. 26/03/2012Culture without obstacles
  94. 13/03/2012Trading within Facebook
  95. 12/03/2012The Gift’s tips for succeeding in the music industry  
  96. 12/03/2012Young people can explore Europe
  97. 12/03/2012Driven by Dreams

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