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Viktoria Modesta: the world's first amputee pop star

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Viktoria Modesta: the world's first amputee pop star

She’s been dubbed the world's first amputee pop artist: at the age of 20, Viktoria Modesta asked doctors to remove her lower left leg, which had been the source of health problems since birth.

Instead of holding her back, her disability has helped her achieve success.

Launched last December, the music video for her song ‘Prototype’ has already clocked up close to 5 million views on Youtube.

“I think it was really, really important for us to really get it out there and really get people talking, and get people reacting and kind of start a debate, I think,” says the 26-year old pop star.

Due to doctor’s negligence at her birth in February 1987 in her native Latvia, the bionic pop star’s leg stopped growing. She underwent 15 operations between the ages of 6 and 12, and eventually decided to have it amputated to gain mobility.

“She left her country and came to London at a very early age, integrated herself with fetish club scenes, with the night life scene in London, you know, she found a home for her difference and then, you know, created a character for herself. There’s never a more romantic character than someone like that. It’s quite a sort of cinematic way to live,” says ‘Prototype’ video director, Saam Farahmand.

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The disabled star attracted global attention when she performed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics closing ceremony in London.

Following their successful coverage of the Paralympic Games, Channel 4 was looking at ways to offer alternative perspectives in what they call "a world of homogenized pop". They approached Modesta and offered to make a video with her.

“You have this amazing video which shows a disabled person who’s very, very proud of their disability, you know it’s kind of a hero of the film, it’s part of her, and it shows disability in a way that you don’t see it so much, which is in a very glamorous and sexy way,” says Dan Brooke, chief marketing and communications officer for Channel 4.

Confident, uninhibited and empowered, Viktoria Modesta could well be, as her lyrics suggest, “the model of the future”.

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