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Traveller’s diary: The spirit of business in Thailand


Traveller’s diary: The spirit of business in Thailand

Arriving in Bangkok is always amazing. You step out of the airport and it’s boiling hot! When you get to the city you’re dazzled by the tall buildings, millions of people and the myriad of different types of vehicles, like the famous tuk tuk.
We started our shoot at the beautiful Grand Palace in Bangkok. It’s the third time I’ve been here and I’m always taken aback by the beauty of the temples. It’s one of the ‘must-sees’ in Thailand -was founded in 1782 and was home of the Thai King for 150 years.

Grand Palace
Our first story was about the business spirit in the kingdom. We investigated how foreign companies have settled in Thailand and found out how they adjusted to the culture shock. To do this we went to Ayutthaya, in the industrial zone Bang Pa-in, north of Bangkok. We visited Stiebel Eltron, which was heavily affected by the floods last year. Now it’s back on it’s feet and back to normal but one thing Roland Hoehn, the Asian Director, told me has changed since then, is that they all feel a lot closer now. Some of the employees stayed during the floods to keep the company safe and everybody helped to evacuate the material. At one point, the company could only be reached by boat! Around 120 people work there and you could see they got along well. During their break, they played table tennis and badminton in the factory – unthinkable in somewhere like Germany, where a lot of the business investors in Thailand come from.

Cameraman Fabian Welther working hard
One of my favourite things about travelling is trying out the local cuisine. Thai food is quite simply amazing! There are so many different spices and herbs used in any one meal. The dishes are always colourful and I like the fact the people order different dishes and always share… and the fruit is much tastier than in Europe. My favourite dessert is definitely mango with sticky rice.

Star Chef at Mövenpick Phuket cooking for us
Our journey also took us to the holiday paradise that is Phuket, where you can find beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife, if you like going out. The biggest island is located off the south-west coast of Thailand and if you have the time, you should try to head out to one of the beautiful islands on offer. But in my opinion, you can’t fail to enjoy a sunset on any one of Thailand’s stunning beaches.

Sunset at Karon Beach

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