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What’s being done in Malta to help SMEs transition to the new digital reality?

What’s being done in Malta to help SMEs transition to the new digital reality?
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By Paul Hackett

What’s being done in Malta to help small and medium-sized businesses transition to the new digital reality?

David Xuereb, President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry explains:

"Infrastructure wise this country has done a lot. The Chamber of Commerce has always been supportive in high broadband digital technologies and availabilities - including fibre in the home now - where Malta is pretty much fibre ready. The second is education, we need talent, we need to ensure, and we are working to ensure that our younger children in schools are well prepared for the digital technologies they will face when they move into the working life. Thirdly, of course, if not the most important, is our public-private partnership with the government of Malta, through the form of an institution called Tech MT, which ensures that our businesses are offered the right advice - personalised advice - to make sure that they make the right steps, at the right time, in the right direction, every time.”

In terms of EU support, what is available for companies wishing to seize the opportunities with digitalisation?

“The EU offers a number of opportunities and a number of schemes that help businesses connect up with the tech world. Many grants focused on ensuring increased commerce, increased internationalisation, increased investment, research and innovation. Certainly, Horizon 2020 is also another area that helps not only start-ups but also developed institutions and organisations and businesses develop their next steps in their growth objectives according to their business plan.”

What would your tips be for companies wishing to embrace digitalisation?

“Our public-private partnership, the Chamber of Commerce’s partnership with the government of Malta – through Tech MT – is an institution, an organization, a tool if I may, that enables focused attention on what it is that people and our members should be focusing and working on. These are personalised recommendations and advice, which should be coupled with the various tools and grants that the EU will provide, their specific need to ensure that their objectives are met.”