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Helping Baltic businesses to become cleaner and greener

Helping Baltic businesses to become cleaner and greener
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The LIFE/Fit for REACH project aims to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in the Baltic region by helping SMEs to develop best practice when it comes to chemical management. Agnese Meija-Toropova is from the Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia, which coordinates the project. Business Planet spoke to her to find out more:

What is the LIFE/Fit for REACH project?

"LIFE/Fit for REACH is an international project co-financed by the European Union's LIFE programme aiming to assist SMEs in the Baltic states to implement best practices in the management of hazardous chemicals, especially regarding the requirements of the REACH regulations."

How is this improving the environment across the Baltic region?

"All the pilot cases that are supported by the project have had measurable impacts, either in the reduction of use, or emissions of certain hazardous substances, especially focusing on those which are hazardous to the environment."

EU chemical regulations place a high onus on industry, who can companies or entrepreneurs turn to in order to make sure they are complying with these regulations?

"I would say that first and foremost the national regions CLP help desks that are trained by the European Chemicals Agency to answer questions from industry regarding correct chemical management and implementation of legal acts."