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Why is the Shadow Economy bad?

Why is the Shadow Economy bad?
By Euronews

Gunde Odgaard, Head of Secretariat, Federation of Building Construction and Wood Workers’ Union:

It’s not a win win, because in the shorter run, it’s a win win for you and I if we make an agreement, and you refurbish my house and I fix your car or whatever, but if we want our children to go to school, have education, if we want solid companies and if we want that when we break a leg we go to the hospital, and we know that it can be fixed, we cannot have this barter economy we cannot have the shadow economy. It will probably always be there, the point is how big does it get? So therefore, it’s like wheat in a field, you have to keep it down, because otherwise, it will kill the crop. And then we’ll all starve.