5 Christmas gifts for the eco-minded under £20

5 Christmas gifts for the eco-minded under £20
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The festive period is very much upon us. With just under a month to go before Christmas, the race is on and it’s all about getting organised.

Admittedly, the hardest part about buying presents is deciding what your nearest and dearest will actually like. You can’t get your dad socks for the third year in a row – surely?

Buying for the sake of buying is never the right decision. So to avoid being wasteful this year, why not opt for a sustainably themed present? You don’t have to go for a grand gesture to give the gift of saving the planet, when it comes to the environment – every little helps.

Here are the five of the most affordable Christmas gifts with an eco theme

1. Blue Goose Coffee

Blue Goose Coffee

For the caffeine-lover in the family, newly launched brand Blue Goose brings you the sustainable option to coffee. Capsules are plastic-free, made from compostable starch and wood bark.

FYI, normal aluminium and plastic capsules can take 200-500 years to degrade in landfill, so we much prefer the eco option!

Various options are available including Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, organic Peruvian, Swiss Water Decaf and Lungo.

The coffee is organic, full-bodied and luxuriously smooth – perfect for a coffee snob. Plus, when you’re finished, you can place them into council food waste where they will be processed into compost.

Stock up on Blue Goose Coffee on Amazon. It’s £18 for 40 biodegradable capsules.

2. Socks that plant trees

Selkirk ‘Plant Trees’ socks

If the thought of buying your dad anything other than socks gives you the jitters, just make sure you go for the sustainable kind. These Selkirk ‘Plant Trees’ socks come from responsible brand tentree. Buy any piece of their clothing or accessory items and they will plant ten trees.

That’s not all though. These socks are actually made out of three recycled plastic bottles and merino wool. 100% eco-friendly and 100% comfy.

Buy them on the tentree website for £19.95.

3. Friends of the Earth reusable bottle

Friends of the Earth reusable bottle

It might be the go-to present of 2019, but a reusable water bottle is absolutely crucial in the current climate. So you might as well get a cool one?

According to National Geographic, a million plastic drinks bottles were purchased each minute as of 2017. In a bid to reverse this, ion8 are making practical, leak proof, stylish bottles in a variety of different patterns.

This year, ion8 has teamed up with green charity Friends of the Earth to produce this original design, with the strap line Change Habits, Change The World. It features a seal snorkeller sweeping past turtles and deep marine species. The bottle serves as a constant reminder of the beauty of our oceans and how important it is we preserve them.

The Seal Snorkeller Ion8 Friends of the Earth 500ml Insulated Bottle costs £19.99 from

4. Guava and Gold skincare

Guava and Gold

Guava and Gold is the bath and body range you want to have on your radar this Christmas. Their tropical beach inspired skincare combines quality botanical ingredients with bright colours from the Caribbean and Indian Ocean and the feel of the products is silky smooth.

Choose between flavours like Arabian jasmine, sweet plum blossom and mango, pineapple and grapefruit.

Most importantly, Guava and Gold is committed to sustainable practice, using only 100% recyclable packaging. Founders Clare Price and Julia Wild look carefully at the ethos and practice of companies they work with and their products are all cruelty-free and respectful to the environment.

You can purchase any of their skincare collections on their website, with prices starting at £20.

5. A necklace made out of pencils

Lucy and Yak

If your sister or your mum are suckers for jewellery, but you don’t want to splash out on something pricey, we’ve got a solution. Jewellery is often made extremely unethically, as precious metals have to be mined in order to be used. Mining for gold and silver causes erosion, soil contamination and loss of biodiversity in many cases. In order to ensure your jewellery is environmentally friendly, your best options are either to buy second-hand, choose items made of recycled materials, or make your own.

To solve all your jewellery woes, we’ve found a unique necklace that ticks all three of those boxes. Zinc White makes these using recycled colouring pencils - and as they are hand-made, no two necklaces are the same. The brand use factory reject pencils to make the multi-coloured creations, giving them a chance at a second life around your neck.

Sustainable fashion brand Lucy and Yak stock the pencil necklaces, along with matching earrings too, for just £18.

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