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Eco-friendly Home: 10 swaps for your cleaning routine

Eco-friendly Home: 10 swaps for your cleaning routine

After you have furnished your beautiful sustainable home- you are going to want to keep it clean. Research published by Unilever this week found that while just over eight in ten people wish they had access to more refillable household products, only one in six of us are currently buying them. They identified lack of awareness and availability as the key barriers to more sustainable solutions and, as a result, have launched a new refillable option for their Cif Power & Shine cleaners. The plastic bottle your cleaning products come in could theoretically last you a lifetime, so refilling it makes a lot of sense. Choosing refills reduces plastic consumption by 75%, which is a positive move toward going plastic free, something we are all about this July.

In the spirit of reduced waste cleaning, we've come up with a few tips so you can greenify your household rota!

Laundry Room

Smol Laundry Detergent Capsules

Smol provides high performance laundry detergent capsules delivered straight to your door in child-safe, fully recyclable packaging. Their laundry pods are cruelty free and smol is looking to go entirely plastic free in the near future.

Smol, Laundry Detergent Capsule, 24 capsules for £3.95 Shop Now

Little Beau Sheep Wool Dryer Balls Pack of Three

These cute dryer balls are a natural, chemical free way of softening fabrics. Made of 100% British Wool, Little Beau Sheep claims they will last for 1000s of washes.

Little Beau Sheep, Pack of Three Wool Dryer Balls, £16.95 Shop Now


Who Gives a Crap Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

Who gives a crap uses only paper packaging on their bamboo based toilet tissue. Good for your skin, the brand doesn't use inks, dyes or scents.

Who Gives a Crap, 48 Premium Double Length Toilet Paper Rolls, £40.00 Shop Now

Eco Living Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Toilet brushes may not be glamorous but they are an essential bathroom cleaning item and something we frequently replace. This toilet brush and holder is completely plastic-free with plant-based bristles meaning it won't shed micro-plastics into the water you flush away.

Eco-living, Plastic Free Toilet Brush & Holder Set, £8.75 Shop Now


Splosh Dishwasher Tablets

Splosh Dishwasher Tablets come in a tin and feature a water soluble wrapper so there is no plastic for you to throw away. The company offer refills that are posted to you in a letterbox sized recycled cardboard box.

Splosh, 27 Dishwasher Tablets, £5.95 Shop Now

Angel & Miosotti Linen Tea Towel

These beautiful tea towels are made in Provence and inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean. They are made from durable linen and easily washed so you can reuse them over and over again.

Angel & Miosotti, Linen Tea Towel, £19.75 Shop Now

The Organic Company Kitchen and Wash Cloth

Over 11 billion single use plastic wipes are used in the UK each year. Make a simple switch to these 100% organic cotton kitchen towels and avoid putting more plastic waste into landfill or even worse, down the toilet!

The Organic Company, Kitchen and Wash Cloth, £7.09 Shop Now

Rest of the House

Trevarno Lavender Beeswax Furniture Polish

Once you have filled your house with FSC solid wood furniture you will want to extend its life by making sure it is kept polished and protected. This long lasting beeswax polish has a beautiful light lavender scent and comes in a metal tin.

Trevarno, Lavender Beeswax Furniture Polish, £8.00 Shop Now

Redecker Ostrich Feather Duster

Redecker makes all of its brushes from high-quality ethically sourced materials and believe long-lasting quality is the best avenue to sustainability. Ostrich feathers are light to prevent damage to delicate items and naturally static so will pick up dust with ease.

Redecker, Ostrich Feather Duster, £18.00 Shop Now

Tom Dixon Eclectic Orientalist Diffuser

A reed diffuser is the perfect way to bring fragrance into your home without harmful aerosols. Tom Dixon's refillable diffuser is beautifully minimalist and offers a scent that combines cinnamon and roses with the depths of a warm spice market.

Tom Dixon, Eclectic Orientalist Diffuser, £90