Patagonia opens environmental activism cafe to connect Londoners

Patagonia Action Works Café
Patagonia Action Works Café Copyright Euronews Living © Helene Jeunet
By Lucy Wagstaffe
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The outdoor brand has launched a cafe in line with its 'Action Works' initiative to bring together like-minded individuals on the theme of climate change.


Outdoor clothing company Patagonia is spearheading a movement of grassroots activism, to fight back against climate crisis in sight. In honour of the ‘Action Works’ initiative, a radical café has opened up in East London’s trendiest area, Broadway Market, to connect people who want to take climate action but are not equipped with the tools.

Within this space for environmental activism, like-minded individuals have the option to receive activist training, develop their campaigning skills and read inspirational books to learn how they can make a difference in the face of the climate crisis. All the while, they can purchase a coffee knowing that 100% of the profits are donated to local UK environmental NGOs and charities.

Euronews Living © Helene Jeunet
Patagonia Action Works CaféEuronews Living © Helene Jeunet

Become an activist with Patagonia's digital platform

Patagonia’s Action Works online platform has been created to allow users to sign petitions, discover local events, donate money to nearby causes and offer their time and skills for volunteering. The platform initially launched in North America and attracted half a million people in supporting environmental issues; the launch has now become Europe-wide.

The environmental non-profits on the platform are from all over the world and the UK and Irish NGOs include, Extinction Rebellion, Save Our Rivers, Friends of the Earth, 10:10, Irish Seed Savers, Surfers Against Sewage and Rewilding Britain. This platform is another pivotal part in Patagonia’s 45-year history of activism and follows the giving programme ‘1% for the Planet' which was initiated by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and conservationist Craig Mathews.

We spoke to Ryan Gellert the EMEA General Manager for Patagonia who told us, "the urgency of the climate crisis means it’s everyone’s responsibility to act now. Businesses have the money, power and voice to play a major role in saving our home planet - as well as in ensuring that they are not making our environmental problems worse." He continued to explain that the Action Works cafe and online tool allow people to fight for the issues they are passionate about and to implement action in their local communities.

Euronews Living © Helene Jeunet
Patagonia Action Works CaféEuronews Living © Helene Jeunet

What to expect in the café

As soon as you enter the café there is a range of 24 ‘Action Postcards’ that you can choose from that advise you on how to get involved in climate activism. You can take these cards with you and the different actions you can get involved in depend on the time you can devote to them. These range from advising you on how to ‘Become Carbon Literate’, to ‘Save the Right Whale from extinction’. There are also eight skill cards which offer opportunities to activists to provide skilled volunteering to a range of NGOs in areas such as photography and accountancy.

Euronews Living © Helene Jeunet
Action PostcardsEuronews Living © Helene Jeunet
Euronews Living © Helene Jeunet
Action PostcardsEuronews Living © Helene Jeunet

Books written by leaders and experts are around the café to help you get into the mind of an activist and inspire you to take action. Outside of the walls of the café there are also environmental groups who are there to help you engage in climate action. Sign up to workshops, discussions and free activities to educate yourself on how to tackle the climate crisis. Or simply go along to have a chat about the environment with people who are care about the planet.

How to get involved

We’ve listed the inspiring workshop that you can attend:

27/9 - Design For The October Rebellion - With Dan Burgess - Good For Nothing

2/10 - How To Start Your Own NGO - With Steve Shaw - Power for People

3/10 - Sign Making For Protest - Chris Downing

4/10 - An Introduction To Patagonia Action Works - With Whitney Clapper - Patagonia's Global Environmental Marketing Manager.

5/10 - An Introduction to Community Energy - With Steve Shaw - Power for the People

10/10 - Introduction to Carbon Literacy - With Dave Coleman - The Carbon Literacy Project

11/10 - Digital mobilisation, strategies and tactics - With Tim Slack Nativve

15 + 17 / 10 - London's Hidden Rivers - London Waterkeeper

Patagonia Action Works Café, 15 Broadway Market, London, E8 4PH. Open seven days a week: Mon to Fri 10am to 7pm, Sundays 12pm – 5pm. To find out more about Patagonia Action Works visit the website.

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