Top 5 men's need-to-know sustainable grooming brands

Top 5 men's need-to-know sustainable grooming brands
By Rakelle Maurici
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We've rounded up our favourite brands in eco-grooming


Beauty brands can certainly get a bad rep when it comes to clarity of what really goes into their products. Transparency goes beyond just diminishing plastic packaging and the disappearance of microbeads, not to say that this isn’t a place to start, of course. While women’s brands might seem they’re leading the way in the race to sustainable beauty, men’s grooming products are catching up and here are our favourites.

1. Wild Sage

Family-run Wild Sage produce 100% natural vegan products that are also free of preservatives. Made with hard crafting, Wild Sage’s cold pressed soaps combine minerals, clays, oils and plants. Made predominantly of coconut oil and shea butter to moisturise, the brand’s shaving soap contains lemongrass and tea tree essentials that make this product refreshing and antibacterial. Finally, it’s blended with French yellow clay which creates a nice creamy lather for an uplifting shave.

2. Neal's Yard Remedies

Developed out of London’s iconic colourful haven that is Neal's Yard, Neal’s Yard Remedies, boasts a number of strong assets, and Carbon Neutral® for over 10 years being one of them. Whilst tackling climate change head-on, the brand aims for a 47% reduction by 2025 and an 87% reduction by 2050. If those figures haven’t impressed you yet, then maybe its use of 100% renewable energy, never testing on animals, supporting global communities, actively protecting the oceans and committing to reducing landfill, might. Its affordable shave balm contains aloe vera, standing as a certified organic product, it moisturises, cools and hydrates that is suitable for all skin types.

3. Skin + Tonic

Committed to using gentle, certified organic, fresh ingredients, Skin + Tonic’s story is much more than just great skincare that takes better care of our environment. Whilst its products aim to reduce sensitivities and support health, each product is tested on themselves, they support local farmers and growers in the UK, France, Ghana and Sri Lanka. Each item is packaged in glass recyclables and sealed with plant cellulose that is compostable. A favourite product is their beard shave oil, that is made from certified organic plant oils that are either cold pressed, steam distilled or CO2 extracted. Making the product 100% natural, 99% organic and vegan.

4. Badger

Family-owned and family-run body care company Badger use pure plant extracts, exotic oils beeswax and minerals that require minimal processing and a sustainable supply chain. Through years of tradition, today the brand creates products naturally that are rich in oxidants and vitamins for a healthier planet and for the people who consume them. Highly recommended the moustache wax is organic and is made from 100% Carnauba Wax for a medium hold. For the science behind the product, its parabens, synthetic, GMO and chemical free and contains non-photosensitizing essential oil.

5. Korres

Korres prides itself on using 99% recyclables and wherever possible uses recycled materials in manufacturing its products too. What’s more is 98% of its products are shipped in other ways that don’t require flying, which significantly reduces its carbon footprint. The production method is ‘no-waste’ meaning that each part of the plants used to derive their ingredients, ends up in the end product. The natural men’s Magnesium & Wheat Proteins Anti-Hair Loss shampoo is just one of the products from their completely cardboard-free range.

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