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#GoodReads | 'Greenwashing', eco-friendly glitter + closet clear outs

Biodegradable glitter
Biodegradable glitter
By Maeve Campbell
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All the most scintillating long-reads we've been reading on the web this week


Here at Living, we love recommending sustainable beauty products, calling out fashion brands for not being transparent on where they source their fabrics, and offering you tips on how to make your lifestyle more environementally friendly. So when we come across inspiring long-reads on just these sustainable topics, we just have to share them with you.

Below are the best articles we stumbled upon this week:

The 'Greenwashing' Hiding the Truth of Your Favourite Fashion Brands

Vice investigate the high street brands claiming to champion "ethics" and "sustainability", but does that mean they're actually doing anything ethical or sustainable? Is it all in fact just meaningless 'greenwashing'?


Sparkle Responsibly With This Plant-Based Glitter

Learn the art of 'sparkling responsibly' with this in depth read into eco-friendly glitter alternatives. Conventional glitter pollutes our oceans and is digested by marine animals, causing havoc under the sea. Read on for tips on how and where you can buy glitter that is good for our planet.


Nat Souza - Nylon
Photo by Nat SouzaNat Souza - Nylon

What I’ve Learned From Cleaning Out Vogue Editors’ Closets

Take a peek into the editor of Vogue's personal wardrobe for a great read on how to have a sustainable clear-out and make clothes last longer.


How Plant-Based Diets Can Benefit the Earth

Ever wondered why plant-based diets can really benefit the environment? This article highlights fact from fiction and is packed with statistics to keep you in-the-know.


Healthy, plant-based meals

Architect Bill Bensley on the Importance of Eco-Conscious Travel and Hospitality

A rousing article by Bill Bensley on how we should enforce greener standards in the industry of luxury hotels - from a real architect's perspective. Bill has spent his life trying to build with a minimal impact and mitigate any damage when constructing in sensitive environments. In his own words, "being an environmentalist is a life long practice - it's not some newfound greenwash."

Source: Robb Report

Words: Maeve Campbell

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