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A tyre to fight pollution and produce oxygen

 A tyre to fight pollution and produce oxygen
Copyright  Goodyear
By Euronews  with AP

It is time to put the whole car at the service of the environment.

If you take a look at the latest motor shows, you can see concept cars coming out featuring big improvements ahead of sustainability, but so far the improvements seemed to focus on the engine mainly. On the other hand, there are all sorts of environmental challenges through car production. The disposing of or recycling tyres is one of the most important issues.

Goodyear took the opportunity at the Geneva Motor Show to address this problem and showcased a concept tyre that is able to clean the air we breathe.

The smart tyre called 'Oygene' is packed full of living moss which inhales C02 from the air and releases oxygen via photosynthesis.

"We are looking at trends of the future, so Goodyear is thinking about the new face of mobility, which is about fleet, autonomous, connected, electric, and we also looked at the cities of tomorrow. So, this concept tyre, called 'Oxygene' will be for megacities of ten million plus inhabitants, where you would have about two million 500 cars in this city, looking at this trend you see urban greening coming. So, we have more and more the problem of pollution, so we want to try to bring this trend into a concept tyre. So, that's why we have this moss embedded in the tyre," said Senior Industrial Designer of Goodyear Sebastien Fontaine.

Field tests are planned in the coming months.