Newly discovered Rembrandt portrait on display

Art dealer Jan Six with the painting he says is by Rembrandt
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A newly discovered Rembrandt painting is on display in Amsterdam.

Art dealer Jan Six bought the work, undated and unsigned, at an auction in London together with an investor. After historical and technical research, he concluded that it was by the master, and at least 15 other experts now agree with him.

"The question I’m still asking myself is," said Six. "Is how did I see this while others didn’t? I think it is because my vision on Rembrandt is very specific, I’ve spent a lot of work and time on his style, and perhaps I see things a bit faster because of it."

If he is right, the portrait, bought for a modest 160,000 euros, is worth many millions more. It can be seen at the Hermitage Amsterdam museum until mid-June

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