Turkey blocks Booking.com in competition law case

Turkey blocks Booking.com in competition law case
By Christopher Cummins  with AGENCIES

Turkish court bans Booking.com in competition law case

A Turkish court has stopped Booking.com from operating in the country for an undisclosed period.

In a case brought by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, the group alleged that Booking.com violated Turkish competition law by carrying out “unjust competition against travel agencies”.

The court ordered that the travel website should pay a fine of €639,526.

In a written statement, Booking.com said it disagreed with the ruling and would appeal.

“As an e-commerce and technology company, we are convinced that we contribute to healthy competition,” the company said.

Turkish authorities say anyone who has already booked with the website will not be penalised.

The once booming Turkish tourist sector is in a moribund state.

A string of terrorist attacks, which have claimed victims from all over the globe, along with a failed coup attempt and strife between the government and Kurds and the proximity to Syria has given tourists cold feet.

Tourism makes up five percent of the Turkish economy and supports around two million jobs.

Travellers these days are opting for Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

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