Apple turns 40

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By Euronews  with Reuters
Apple turns 40

Apple, the world’s best known technology company, is celebrating its 40th birthday.

It's been a fantastic example of a 21st century company

During that time – under the leadership of Steve Jobs – it has arguably done more than any other to transform the worlds of computing, music and mobile phones.

Steve Wozniak, who built the Apple I and Apple II computers, admits he didn’t see it developing into what analyst Jan Randolph from IHS Global Insight thinks is something pretty special: “I think it’s been a fantastic example of a 21st century company. Not only in terms of sheer size but its focus on innovation and the totality of the experience of using a product, not simply its specification. I think that is what Apple is about.”

But he added: “The question is whether it can continue the pace of innovation going forwards.”

The first Apple computer was priced at $666. Today the company is valued at more than $600 billion.

Love or hate it you can’t ignore it, and during those 40 years Apple has changing the way people communicate and access information and entertainment.