Battle brewing in Athens over bailout deal

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By Euronews
Battle brewing in Athens over bailout deal

The Greek Prime Minister is heading back to Athens and an emergency cabinet meeting is on the cards as crisis talks speed towards another potential deadline.

Tsipras faces even tougher discussions with his government who refuse to sign up to a deal with more austerity. Speaking to euronews, the Minister of Administrative Reform Giorgos Katrougalos said:

“From the beginning the Greek government has sought and continues to seek an agreement that will constitute a honorable compromise that will address the debt issue and will restart the Greek economy without placing the burden again on the poor and the needy.”

Explaining the dilemma facing the government Professor of Economics Panayotis Petrakis said:

“After five years of recession it appears that we have once again an economic policy proposal leading to more recession. This is bound to cause political instability and make the Greek people become more suspicious of the euro.”

Once again a deal appears never so near as far away as euronews correspondent Stamatis Giannisis notes:

“Even if he manages to cut an eleventh hour deal with Greece’s creditors the problems of Mr. Tsipras are far from over, for as soon as he returns from Brussels, he will have to face his party’s left wing hardliners who are totally opposed to any agreement that may contain more austerity.”