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Coffee-rubbed Wagyu steak: Dubai chef offers top-grade meals at home

euronews   -   Copyright  Credit: Dubai Tourism
By Evan Bourke

"Wagyu" translates literally to "Japanese cow" but for most people, the word refers to one of the most expensive and high-quality steaks in the world.

Euronews' Evan Bourke was treated to the luxury meal at his home in Dubai, prepared by Chef Cima.

Taking culinary inspiration from each of the restaurants where he previously worked, Chef Cima is now serving up what is becoming a growing trend in Dubai: at-home dining.

As more and more people search for a fine dining experience from the safety and comfort of their own homes, top-class chefs are going into people's kitchens to make this happen.

On tonight's menu was a 1.4 kg piece of grade 5 Wagyu meat.

What is Wagyu meat?

Wagyu refers to four specific breeds of cow that originated in Japan. The meat from a Wagyu cow has a high content of intramuscular fat from selective breeding over 2,000 years. This gives the meat a marbled appearance.

Wagyu steak is expected to be of exceptional quality so the Japanese Meat Grading Association gives all meat a score from one to nine.

Grade nine wagyu has a very high-fat content, which makes the meat very soft and gives a succulent taste.

Chef Cima's recipe

Chef Cima adds a dry spice rub to his Wagyu steak. The rub mixes coffee, black chilli, black sugar and black pepper — a recipe created over several years, explains Cima.

The spice mix not only improves the taste but visually enhances the grill markings, giving the meat a mouth-watering appearance.

Chef Cima explains that the steak's dramatically large bone is also an important feature of the dish as it helps "create a show" when serving.

The Italian chef approaches each dish with a scientific mind: "You need to understand the physics, chemicals, the temperature and timing of every cut," he told Euronews.