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Adventures – Explore, dive and discover the sealife in Dubai’s waters

Adventures – Explore, dive and discover the sealife in Dubai’s waters
By Louise Miner  & James O'Hagan

An hour and a half away from the city of Dubai, Euronews' James O'Hagan joined the Dubai-based centre Divers Down to complete his PADI training and have his first proper dive.

Michela Colella, Operations Manager, Divers Down UAE said, "We will go to an average depth of 14 metres. We’ll look for trumpet fish, triggerfish, clownfish, pufferfish, boxfish."

Even with the basic training completed, diving with an instructor helps you feel safer, develop the right habits, and take in all the best spots on the dive site.

Some of the most spectacular coral and marine life are located just 5 metres from the surface.

At that depth, everything is lit up beautifully and the air lasts much longer than at 10 or 15 metres.

The reef has species ranging from stingrays to lobsters, jawfish, parrotfish, broomtail wrasse, and many others.

For more experienced divers there are dozens of shipwrecks and artificial reefs to explore each with unique histories and coral formations. At times it feels as if you’re flying in slow motion in some sort of alien landscape. And before you know it, it’s time to come back to the real world.

Euronews' James O'Hagan exclaimed, "Oh! That was incredible! Breathtaking!"