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Euronews’ LIFE series travels around the world pausing in different countries to produce a series of reports bringing our viewers a new perspective on the country in the spotlight. The stories focus on culture, heritage, lifestyle or business tapping into the pulse of the issue in question. Our presenter guides us through the reports - the style is entertaining, informative and upbeat.

Getting a glow of health in the land of fire

11/06 18:11 CET

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Idyllic scenes on the Macedonian nature trail

04/06 17:49 CET

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Palawan – a paradise in the Philippines

06/03 16:59 CET

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Magical Uzbekistan

25/12/13 11:10 CET

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Travelling the Trans-Siberian

27/05/13 18:29 CET

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Almaty: Kazakhstan’s Garden City

12/09/12 15:25 CET

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Muay Thai – ‘The art of eight limbs’

24/07/12 14:28 CET

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Ukraine’s push for EU visa-free travel

22/08/11 13:14 CET

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