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  • Ukraine invited the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into any serious international crimes that may have been committed on its territory in late 2013 and early 2014 (Reuters)
  • Russia’s Lavrov announces deal to “de-escalate tensions” in Ukraine (AFP)

Euronews’ LIFE series travels around the world pausing in different countries to produce a series of reports bringing our viewers a new perspective on the country in the spotlight. The stories focus on culture, heritage, lifestyle or business tapping into the pulse of the issue in question. Our presenter guides us through the reports - the style is entertaining, informative and upbeat.





  • life: Almaty: Kazakhstan’s Garden City
    12/09 15:25 CET

    Almaty: Kazakhstan’s Garden City

    The city of Almaty lies to the south of Kazakhstan, a stop off point in years gone by on the Silk Road, the great trading route that linked east and west. Trade and economy are still at the…


  • life: Traveller’s diary: The art of Muay Thai
    24/07 14:33 CET

    Traveller’s diary: The art of Muay Thai

    I must admit that I didn't know much about Muay Thai before finding out that I would film a report on this ancient martial art. The more I read about it, the more interested I became. The 'art of…


  • life: Ukraine’s push for EU visa-free travel
    22/08 13:14 CET

    Ukraine’s push for EU visa-free travel

    When it comes to relations between Ukraine and the European Union, one big issue in Kiev is the on-going controversy over EU travel visas. Everyday Ukrainians line up outside the likes of…


  • life: Diary – The soul of the young Macedonian nation
    26/05 11:32 CET

    Diary – The soul of the young Macedonian nation

    *Ohrid: the hidden gem of the Balkans* Before travelling to Skopje for our three-part series on Macedonian life, I must admit that I had never heard the name Ohrid. Now, after seeing the place…

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