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Saatchi Gallery debate: the selfie, social addiction or art?

In the age of the smartphone, selfies rule modern self-expression. All kinds of people have appeared in one, from celebrities and politicians to religious figures.

Saatchi Gallery and Huawei are joining forces to debate how this cultural phenomenon has impacted the world.

Is this a real cultural addiction or simply a new form of art? What is the psychological impact? The panel, made up of neuroscientists, social media experts and cultural critics will debate these questions and more, live from the Saatchi Gallery where the exhibition ‘From Selfie to Self-Expression’ is currently on display.

The Saatchi selfie exhibition grew out of a competition launched with IT giant, Huawei, under the slogan ‘anyone with a smartphone can be an artist’. The competition gave amateur artists and photographers the chance to show off their most creative self-portraits.

A selection of selfies

This is reportedly the first ever selfie…

Famous Hollywood actors are frequent users of the selfie-mode

Some have claimed even animals are at it

Sometimes selfies are not what they seem

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The exhibition in Saatchi Gallery

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