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Warren Beatty is back after 15 years


Warren Beatty is back after 15 years

Hollywood actor and director Warren Beatty is back after fifteen years.

He plays American entrepreneur Howard Hughes in ‘Rules don’t apply’, which he also wrote and directed. Set in 1950’s Hollywood, the film follows the forbidden romance between a young actress and a driver.

The 79-year-old Oscar winner says he’s delighted to be back with this project which was two decades in the making: “It’s different every time you do it. I had a lot of fun. I had a great cast. I had a great crew, and I like the story. The story is funny. The story is sad. I like it.”

Alden Ehrenreich and Lily Collins play the driver and the starlet. They were both thrilled about working with the Hollywood legend.

“One of the reasons that I fought so hard to get into this movie for a long time was I felt it was one of the last opportunities I would have to be in the kind of movie that I grew up watching, like these classic Hollywood films. And he (Beatty) is a legend,” said Ehrenreich.

“He (Beatty) gets to help you through character, learn how to direct at the same time as knowing the bigger picture of how he is going to edit. Actually, it’s like having a genius in the room,” enthused Collins, the daughter of British icon Phil Collins.

Beatty has been keen to emphasise that it’s not a biopic about Howard Hugues, but a film about sex and romance in the old Hollywood.

Featuring an A-list cast including Annette Bening, Matthew Broderick and Alec Baldwin, Warren Beatty’s ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ is on worldwide release from November 23.

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