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Who is doing well in Europe for Health and Safety?

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Who is doing well in Europe for Health and Safety?


Christa Sedlatschek, EU-OSHA Director

The risk assessment is the basis for occupation safety and health and all the measures you have to take. There you see the level is quite high, 76% of the companies are doing it, but there is a difference between member states and I would say also the documentation of occupation safety and health issues in companies UK is doing quite well, the Nordic countries of course are doing quite well, Germany, Netherlands, but it depends also a bit on the topic, because we know for example that some member States are not keen to deal with or tackle stress at work, which is an important topic now and for the future, but then other countries are dealing with the issue quite well. Three countries, even more now, they have established and adopted stress legislation like Austria, Sweden and Belgium.

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