Rolls Royce hopes for new Dawn with convertible

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Rolls Royce hopes for new Dawn with convertible

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Rolls Royce is hoping to reverse a decade of decline in the open-top car market with its new Dawn convertible.

Many mass-market consumers have switched to SUVs.

But the new model, unveiled on Tuesday, is aimed at the super-rich. It’s likely that only they can afford to fork out 300,000 euros.

The BMW group is hoping to revive a once-stylish status symbol.

“It possesses a very – what I would call a special – sense of “la Dolce Vita”: a certain seductiveness brought on by that exhilarating
feeling of driving with all your wind in your hair,” said Rolls Royce’s CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös.

The company has declined to disclose sales figures for its more expensive Phantom convertible.

Plunging overall sales of convertibles partly reflect the shift in focus among carmakers to China – where the country’s smog-ridden cities are hardly the place for open-top cars.

The new Dawn is a sign that Rolls Royce believes there’s still a market for the convertible – for those with the money.