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"Home" is where the heart is for new Dreamworks comedy


"Home" is where the heart is for new Dreamworks comedy

Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jim Parsons and Jennifer Lopez are the voices behind a new Dreamworks animated alien-invasion comedy.

“Home” is the tale of a loveable misfit from another planet who lands on Earth, ends up on the run from his own people and then meets a young girl named Tip.

Actor Jim Parsons explained the meaning of the film: “These people who all think certain things of each other – people and creatures – and they realise that when they don’t put on these pre-supposed ideas they can actually reveal that they have a lot in common and they become friends.”

Sentiments shared by Steve Martin: “It’s about someone finding home and home becomes where his new friends are.”

Along with providing the voice for 12-year-old Tip, Rihanna recorded several key songs for the film and was instrumental in shaping the movie soundtrack.

“I wanted the music to be fun at moments. I wanted it to be sad at moments. I wanted it to really drive the emotion in whatever moment that was throughout the film. I wanted kids to really enjoy it. I wanted adults to enjoy it. I wanted the music to get on the radio,” said Rihanna.

Based on Adam Rex’s 2007 children’s book “The True Meaning of Smekday”, Home is on worldwide release from March 19.

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