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Success Stories

Energy solutions

Total access to energy solutions: the future is bright

Sunlight may turn out to be the world’s great equalizer. Total Access To Energy Solutions (TATES) is at the forefront of the campaign to deliver solar power to some of the most remote places on earth...

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Cutting carbon emissions

Cutting carbon emissions and power costs in Southeast Asia

The world’s demand for power has increased by 85% in the last 20 years, with production responsible for about 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. In Southeast Asia alone, energy consumption is expected to double by 2040...

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Electric mobility

EV Charge: Electric mobility accessible wherever and whoever you are!

Total: An instantly recognisable name by the roadside almost anywhere in the world. As a historical player in energy for mobility, Total is committed and investing in the development of electric mobility...

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Total: Using biomimicry for cleaner water

On oil and gas producing platforms, produced water is also extracted with crude oil or used to bring it to the surface. But it is often contaminated and can be harmful to fragile ecosystems if discharged without treatment...

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Renewables strategy

No limit on Total’s renewables strategy

Diversity is the name of the game for Total. The French multinational is looking firmly to the future and further developing sources of renewable energy, particularly to feed the hunger for what the company describes as the “energy of the 21st century” - electricity...

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Total in Papua New Guinea

Total in Papua New Guinea: Dialogue, consultation and empowerment

Valorization of natural resources can be a decisive contributor to the improvement of the living conditions in developing countries. Striking a balance, between realizing those resources and protecting the fragile environments and communities already there, is a major challenge...

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