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Factbox: Renault, Nissan detail joint projects to revive alliance

NISSAN-RENAULT-FACTBOX:Factbox: Renault, Nissan detail joint projects to revive alliance
NISSAN-RENAULT-FACTBOX:Factbox: Renault, Nissan detail joint projects to revive alliance Copyright Thomson Reuters 2023
Copyright Thomson Reuters 2023
By Reuters
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LONDON - Nissan and Renault on Monday unveiled details of their redesigned alliance, with the Japanese car maker committing to buy a stake of up to 15% in Renault's electric vehicles unit Ampere.

The two companies gave details of new joint projects in Latin America, India and Europe.


The four projects to be considered in Latin America include:

* A new half-ton pick-up, developed by Renault Group andshared with Nissan in Argentina. * Collaboration on the Nissan Frontier/Renault Alaskanfamily, a one-ton pick-up, would continue. Renault Group wouldproduce the pick‑ups in Cordoba (Argentina) for both Renault andNissan. * In Mexico, Nissan would produce a new model for RenaultGroup, making it the first Renault vehicle to be produced therein 20 years. * Nissan and Renault Group would also commercialise twocommon accessible A‑segment Electric Vehicles, both based on theCMF-AEV (Common Module Family) platform.


For India and export, Renault Group and Nissan would collaborate on several new vehicle projects including new SUVs shared by both Renault Group and Nissan, and a New Nissan car derived from the Renault Triber.

Nissan and Renault Group are also considering common A-segment electric vehicles.


The companies are exploring the following initiatives:

* Renault Group and Mitsubishi Motors would leverage theassets of the Renault Captur and Clio to develop 2 new vehicleswith the next-gen ASX and Colt based on the CMF-B platform. * Renault Group would launch FlexEVan on the LCV market, asits first Software-Defined Vehicle from 2026 and share it withNissan in Europe. * For their line-ups beyond 2026, Nissan and Renault Groupwould also explore possible collaborations on the nextgeneration of C-segment Electric Vehicles. To ensure benchmarkcharging time, Nissan and Renault Group would continue sharingtechnologies on their European cars, including potential usageof common 800-volt architecture. * These initiatives would build on existing commitmentsincluding plans for the future Nissan compact Electric Vehicle(B-segment), based on CMF-BEV platform, to be produced atRenault Group’s ElectriCity facility in France from 2026.InEurope, the scope of collaboration would also coverdistribution, aftersales and sales financing: Renault, Nissanand Mitsubishi said they were working on shared opportunitieswithin the distribution network to support and increase dealerprofitability and reduce their respective costs: * By increasing the number of shared outlets in key markets. * By developing common strategies on Used Car, After Salesand Sales Financing, leveraging the strong presence of MobilizeFinancial Services in Europe. * Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure: RenaultGroup and Nissan are considering jointly deploying charginginfrastructure in Europe at both Renault Group and Nissandealerships. * Circular Economy: Renault Group and Nissan plan to selectcommon battery recycling partners for their end-of-lifebatteries and production scraps.

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