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The business cluster accelerating innovation

The business cluster accelerating innovation
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By Paul Hackett

When businesses band together the results can be remarkable. Innovation, job creation, growth are just some of the many benefits. This phenomenon, known as business clustering, occurs when various players in both the public and private sector - notably private companies and academia - all join forces in a bid to accelerate innovation in their respective fields.

The IMAGO-MOL cluster is the only medical imaging cluster in Romania and the European Union. It strives to increase the scientific and economic competitiveness of its members through greater cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Business Planet spoke to IMAGO-MOL's manager, Carmen Mihai, to find out more about how clusters boost innovation and enterprise.

What services does IMAGO-MOL provide?

“The IMAGO-MOL cluster has a range of services, including facilitating business project development, connecting R&D institutions and hospitals with companies, training on project management or on getting funds, and promotion -, using our communication channels, such as a monthly newsletter, social media channels, website.”

What are the benefits for firms that are part of a cluster?

“There are many benefits for a company to become a cluster member, including the connection with the actors from the same domain. They can connect with their R&D institutions or academia, and they get more visibility both nationally and internationally.”

How have clusters across the European Union responded to the COVID-19 crisis?

“European clusters have rapidly responded to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation. One of the actions was the COVID-19 Industrial Clusters Response Portal, which is a built portal in order to connect the demand and supply, and to facilitate the collaboration between clusters. Clusters also identified rapidly the gaps within the supply chains and the economic impact of the crisis and proposed mitigation measures to the authorities.”

What would your top advice be for companies thinking of joining a cluster?

“My top advice for a company would be to analyse the benefits of cluster membership and to see how it matches their objectives with the vision and philosophy of the business, and also to be open to share knowledge and to collaborate, and of course to ask for collaboration because for sure business opportunities will arise.”