EU Youth Unemployment: A Crash Course

EU Youth Unemployment: A Crash Course
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There are 5.5 million young people in Europe who are not in education, employment or training known as NEETS.

They're the people the Youth Guarantee initiative needs to address.

Young people face specific challenges in the transition from school to work. Being new to the labour market, they are less likely to find a job, or are often employed on temporary and part-time contracts.

In August 2019, the youth unemployment rate across all the EU 28 countries stood at 14.2%.

The scale of the issue varies across the EU.

The south of Europe faces the biggest challenge.

In Greece, the youth unemployment rate stands at 33%, in Spain at 32.2% and Italy at 27.1%.

Meanwhile, the Czech Republic is at the other end of the scale with 5.1%, Germany at 5,7% and The Netherlands at 6,9% - all three countries seem to offer better work prospects for young people.