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Does Smart Specialisation Indicate A Reforming Europe?

Does Smart Specialisation Indicate A Reforming Europe?
By Euronews

Patrizio Bianchi, Regional Minister for Coordination of the European Policies for Growth, Education, Vocational training, University, Research and Employment, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy talks about Smart Specialisation signalling a reforming European system. He claims the strategy can drive economic growth and create the Europe, citizens need.

“For me and for the people of my generation Europe was much more than a dream. It was the idea to have the possibility to have to go out from a restrictive area of the nations. But Europe is much more than a sort of …There is bureaucracy, there is a policy, there is the capacity to do beautiful meetings among the head of states. Europe must be the way to respond to the need of the people..and the people..what we call people is now a much more complex concept than it was in the past – because there is mobility, because we are promoting mobility, because people has a longer life, because the kids are different from the kids we were in the past. So this idea, this comprehensive idea of a society which is able to generate movement, to generate innovation – this is Europe and this is the way we have to look for changing the present Europe.