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New ideas for Riga's immigrants' integration

New ideas for Riga's immigrants' integration
By Euronews

Irina Vasiljeva, Riga Arrival Cities Project Coordinator:

“Riga is a very multicultural city, we have representatives of more 250 ethnic groups living in Riga and now now are facing the problem of facing asylum seeker 556 persons and this project Urbact goes very well together in the area of solving the situation what should we do with these people, how should we integrate, how should we inform local society. So we have faith in the new challenge, asylum seekers coming to Riga in big numbers. The representatives of different countries, different cities came here, and they had their vision about how to accept this people how to make a society of mutual recognition. This meeting helped us what to do in Riga in the nearest future. There are several cities that have already adopted local integration plans like Vantaa, and also have national integration strategies. We have Riga city integration strategy, but the issues of migration are not very widely covered there, so we are planning to include new ideas regarding integration of immigrants into our local strategies.”