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The right balance: the economics of happiness

The right balance: the economics of happiness
By Euronews

What makes people happy?
Measuring human happiness is increasingly becoming a pursuit of economists, who use a range of research tools to gauge and quantify popular contentment at a national level. A common factor is money, but that’s far from the whole story, as we find out in this edition of Real Economy.

We're still spending huge amounts of money, and we need a reallocation of that money towards things that really matter to people most of all

We travel to the Netherlands and meet a family who manage to get the work/life balance just right, like so many of their compatriots.

Maithreyi Seetharaman discusses the essentials of happiness economics with a founder of the academic field, Prof. Jean Paul Fitoussi

In London we meet Baron Richard Layard, a leading labour economist who explains the complexities of measuring happiness.

We also have a user-friendly crash course in economics happiness.

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