Eco-luxury fragrances created using fair trade ingredients from Grasse

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In anticipation of their upcoming Biennale, 1.618 are partnering with euronews Living to tell the environmental, social and essentially human stories behind their unique collection of international brands.

From the heights of the Tibetan Plateau to the cosy warmth of Scandinavian hygge, we'll be asking 1.618's big names in sustainable luxury all about their inspiration. Behind each brand is a story of determination and dedication to social and environmental issues, a story that reveals the changing face of luxury.

Eve & Daphnée is the first luxury brand with roots in the charity economy. Its fragrances are made from all-natural, fairly traded ingredients from the world-famous Grasse region in France. Aiming to promote a "slow lifestyle", every aspect is considered from the essence of the perfume to the sugar cane fibre labels. Founder Muriel Folmard-Kahn tells us more about running a business committed to positive social actions and why sustainability is an issue close to her heart.

What inspired you to make sustainability such a big part of Eve & Daphnée?

It is about living a life of purpose and fulfilment.

I think that business is not exclusively about making money and that it is very rewarding to seek to make positive contributions to society and to the world we live in.

It is impossible today to ignore the urgency of environmental issues. The planet we all share will only be able to survive harmoniously if we all commit to do everything in our power to lighten our global environmental footprint.

Additionally, a business is obviously more “sustainable” if it fosters strong relationships between employees, customers, suppliers.

This is why, from the beginning, we have made sustainability and social responsibility part of our company’s culture and why, above all else, our goal is to care for others and the environment. In order to embody these values in a meaningful way, Eve & Daphnée was set up as a mission led company.

Eve & Daphnée

How does social responsibility factor into your production?

Eve & Daphnée has always been deeply rooted in social responsibility. In the beginning, the company was part of a project, led by the French Red Cross devoted to changing the public perceptions of handicap. The goal was to help disabled persons become more self-sufficient. The initial intent was to generate a positive social change, and we’re still striving for this since I became head of the brand in 2018. We hire an ESAT (Employment rehabilitation establishments and services) which help us for the preparing and packaging of our production.

For us, social responsibility also means that we need to offer safe, biodegradable products which do not cause the spread of toxic material in the environment. Our production made only of natural materials is kinder to the skin and healthier for our customers.

What inspired you to start making your range of eco-luxury perfumes?

It may sound cliché, but it was when I had my children that I decided to devote my life to sustainability. My girls are young adults now and I can’t stop thinking about the world my generation is leaving behind for them and for their future babies. This was for me the starting point: it made me change my habits and consume differently.

I’m humbly trying to contribute to a better world.

Eve & Daphnée

Tell us about the materials you use to make your perfumes?

The all-natural raw materials used in the formulation of our fragrances come from Robertet, a “living heritage company” hailing from Grasse – the very temple of perfumery – which is fully committed to fair trade and environmentally-friendly business practice.

The perfume boxes are made in France of cardboard from sustainably managed forests and labels are composed of sugarcane fibres and vegetable inks. Refillable bottles incorporate handmade techniques from the “glass valley” of France.

Our Fragrances do not contain any synthetic materials. Therefore Eve & Daphnée's products are free of any controversial substances (synthetic musks, phthalates, BHT, UV filter, EDTA) nor denatured alcohol.

We are proud of our entirely French production of cases, bottles, caps, silver silks etc.

Eve & Daphnée

Why is transparency so important in the cosmetic industry?

Sadly, it is common that businesses don’t always keep the promises they are making. The cosmetic industry is green washing’s main prey: in light of that phenomenon, we need to reassure our clients with a true transparency politic concerning our products.

You can find more information about Eve & Daphnée here and check out the 1.618 guide featuring all of their sustainable luxury brands here.

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