The Scandi way to fly: Finnair launches new sustainable travel kit

The Scandi way to fly: Finnair launches new sustainable travel kit
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In 2018, Finnair was named the #1 safest airline to fly with in the world – quite an achievement. The Nordic airline prides itself on its commitments to be ‘cleaner, caring and collaborative’ at the heart of its corporate responsibility strategy, and have always taken an exemplary approach towards sustainability. What else would you expect from a Scandinavian airline?

How is Finnair sustainable?

One of the most impressive things about the company is that it is one of the only airlines to actively encourage offsetting your flights. Offsetting is widely known to be the best way to curb your own carbon footprint by paying a fraction more to cover the environmental cost of flying.

Not only that, Finnair fly with a modern fleet of aircraft, which are more lightweight and utilise new technology to reduce fuel consumption and lower noise levels. Because of Finland’s convenient geographical location, the airline also flies the short route from Europe to Asia and so uses less fuel as a consequence.


What is in the new sustainable travel kit they have launched?

Finnair’s new amenity kit for Business travelers includes all organic, high quality skincare and cosmetics and it all comes enclosed in sustainably designed and stylish packaging too.


Cosmetic rangeFinnair

Finnair have partnered with Swedish brand L:a Bruket, who make all their cosmetics on the West Coast of Sweden from natural, organic and renewable ingredients, using recyclable packaging. A selection of these nourishing products can be found both in the travel kit and also in the washrooms to be used throughout the journey. There’s the almond and coconut lip care balm for chapped lips, and a light facial cream scented with chamomile and lavender for a calming effect.


Amenities for business class customers, FinnairFinnair

The airline collaborates with a designer called Marimekko who has created several iconic patterns that customers now know to associate with the Scandinavian airline. The new travel kit features four patterns by Maija Isola (one of Marimekko’s most celebrated designers) and have been carefully woven using the jacquard technique to create pouches and eye shades. In the latest version of the kit, plastic and packaging has been significantly reduced too. From everything down to your toothbrush, which has been crafted from cornstarch-based bio plastic.

Amenities for business class customers, FinnairFinnair

Let’s hope other airlines are taking note and learning from the cleaner culture adopted by Finnair, so that we can all have more zero-waste holidays in future.

Words: Maeve Campbell

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