'World's first' all-electric snowmobiles hit the Arctic

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A silent safari is the new, ecological way to experience the beautiful nature of the Arctic, according to Aurora eMotion.

No engine noise or polluting vehicles should break the illusion, the Lapland-based company argues.

The company offers what it claims are the world's first all-electric snowmobiles, which can be used to explore Lapland's snow-covered forests.

The "eSleds" can travel around 15 to 25km on battery power alone.

"Especially in tourism, there is this 'eco' point of view that when you come far away to Lapland, to fragile areas, you don't want to ruin the silence of nature and the feeling how is it to be in the deep down forest, to feel complete silence," said Olli Haavikko from Aurora eMotion.

Sustainable ideology is woven into every part of the tour operator's safaris; it uses disposable plates and cutlery made from renewable as well as recyclable materials and refreshments are sourced as locally as possible.

“The energy we use is mostly local water power and from other renewable sources," Haavikko said. "We avoid fossil fuel-based electricity generation in our process."

Four local engineers have been developing the eSled since 2010 and the vehicles are manufactured in a local factory in Rovaniemi.

Click on the video above to learn more about the world's first completely electric snowmobiles.

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