Norway is leading the way in sustainable shipping

Norway is leading the way in sustainable shipping
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The global shipping industry is under pressure to cut climate-altering greenhouse gases and find sustainable shipping solutions.

Ships belch out nearly one billion tons of carbon dioxide a year, accounting for only 2-3 percent of global greenhouse gases. But they're projected to grow between 50 to 250 percent by 2050 if no action is taken.

Transport's contribution to earth-warming emissions were one of the topics in focus as negotiators in Katowice, Poland gathered for U.N. climate talks.

Shipping, like aviation, isn't covered by the Paris agreement because of the difficulty to attribute their emissions to individual nations. However, in the spring, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the U.N.'s maritime agency, reached an agreement to slash emissions by 50 percent by 2050.

"That probably must also be increased," says Ola Elvestuen, Norway's minister of Climate and Environment. In the Nordic country, policymakers are aggressively pursuing strategies to reduce ship emissions and aim for zero emissions in their Fjords by 2026.

Click on the video above to learn about two Norwegian companies showing the path for the future of the shipping industry.

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