Behind the scenes: The finest leather. Tested to the extreme

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The leather in our vehicles is not only the finest, but also incredibly durable. We test one section from every batch in over thirty different ways, to the point of destruction. So however busy and varied a life you have, you can trust Lexus leather.

To ensure that our fine leather interiors can take the wear from your keys and other sharp objects we take a tungsten tip blade and place incrementally heavier weights on the leather until it fails.

We know our leather will stay strong. Resistance to abrasion is tested through repeated exposure to materials that are commonly worn, like denim and rubber.

Spillages happen – so we make sure damage doesn’t. We perform various chemical resistance tests to ensure the longevity of our luxurious leather. This test ensures that our leather is undamaged after contact with grease, polishing wax, engine oil, artificial sweat, calcium chloride, and alcohol.

Even quality leathers suffer when repeatedly exposed to direct sunlight, so we test ours to ensure that the leather maintains its exceptional quality for as long as you have it. We recreate the challenges the interior leather is likely to meet in two different ways. Firstly, we take a section and leave it in a glass box exposed to sunlight for three months. Secondly, the leather is placed in an accelerated testing machine under simulated sunlight for three weeks. If discolored or unnecessary hardening is observed, the leather does not pass.

We also make sure that the leather is able to withstand the effects of extreme heat by repeatedly exposing it to high temperatures. The exact heat used in this rigorous test is based on the climate the car is destined for. We even test the speed at which the leather burns.

The final example in this selection of leather quality tests, is to make sure that your fine leather interior won’t crack in freezing temperatures. We put it in a sub-zero climate, up to -40°C, to make sure it stays perfect.

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