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For over 30 years, Euronews, the pan-European, multilingual global media, has delivered Europe’s voice on a global scale. We follow the latest EU news directly from our Brussels bureau and capital cities. With deep historical roots and unmatched expertise, we are recognized by half of all Europeans, and our content extends beyond news.

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Euronews programmes

Promoting an increasingly popular form of travel in Europe, all generations of Europeans and prominent local guests will convey their opinions on election topics, providing a platform for all citizens. The trip will conclude in Brussels on the evening of the elections connecting citizens and European institutions by sharing these views with European decision-makers.

AI 101, the 6-episode series that explores AI's past, present, and profound impact on society, from job disruption to life-saving innovations, unveiling gender debates, environmental concerns, and the path to virtual companionship.

Join singer-songwriter Foy Vance as he sets out to discover the music, food and culture of the USA.

Stay at the forefront of the ever-changing business world alongside CEOs, tech disruptors, and entrepreneurs as they reveal their boldest predictions that have the potential to transform our world. On 'My Wildest Prediction,' we not only have the courage to forecast the future but also engage in discussions about the pathways to reaching those predictions.

Gain a better understanding of the world of business through the brilliant minds of world leaders, entrepreneurs and academics. ‘The Big Question’ seeks to take you beyond the job title of the guest while answering the biggest questions in business.

True crime goes online: we look at real-life stories of hackers within the gaming industry and discover whether hacking can ever be a force for good.

Get the latest science and hi-tech news across an in-depth look at scientific developments from Europe & the World, all as a Video on demand.

Our journalists get up close and personal with trailblazers to discuss their journey, views and opinions on what's happening in the world.

Join writer and photographer Johny Pitts as he journeys along the Civil Rights Trail through the American South. From Tennessee to Mississippi to Alabama, discover the people and the places, the music, food, and culture, linked to this pivotal period in world history.

The latest European and international news from 6AM to 10AM.

A wrap-up of the day's European and international news, from 6PM.

the biggest European and international news in 5’ on weekends.

the European news between 10AM and 6PM.

From the economy to the climate and the EU's role in world affairs, this talk show sheds light on European affairs and the issues that impact on our daily lives as Europeans. Tune in to understand the ins and outs of European politics.

WITNESS: verb. to see for oneself. At Euronews we are committed to people’s stories and the truth. ‘Euronews Witness’ brings world issues into focus through the experiences of men, women and children at the heart of the story. Our reporters go beyond the headlines, debates, data analysis and into people’s lives. Committed to reporting without fear or favour, we will hear from those most affected by an event, investigate wrongdoing and hold those responsible accountable, while also giving you the latest from Europe and the world.

Our reporter Cyril Fourneris takes you on the roads of Europe to meet those who are finding solutions to the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Prepare your backpack and every month, let's set off towards a greener world.

No agenda, no argument, no bias, No Comment. Get the story without commentary.

Our reporter explores the region’s success stories from the start-up sector which is booming. In this instructional series Euronews speaks to a region’s business leaders to find out why it is such a good incubator for business to grow.

Self-shot interview videos of professional chefs, foodies, bloggers showcasing food from their country.

How is the European Union working to make medicines more available, accessible and affordable while promoting higher competitiveness and environmental standards in the pharmaceutical industry? Smart Health brings you the real stories of end-users: patients and doctors. We also meet the researchers and policymakers teaming up for treatment breakthroughs and learn about the expectations of pharmaceutical companies.

From top fashion designers and artisans to influential artists and traditional crafts. This is the place to meet the most creative and inspiring artists, designers, chefs, producers and performers from all over Europe.

Shining a light on the evolution of Western and Eastern traditions, Crossing Cultures is a unique programme dedicated to exploring the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Europe and China.

Scenes shines a spotlight on youths around the world who are breaking down barriers and affecting change.

Rethink shines a light on the leaders and disruptors rethinking the future of money, work, health, home and mobility. We explore topics such as the future of democracy, supply chains, business models, global tech and leadership.

People pushing boundaries using new technology.

In each episode of Meet the Locals we encounter someone who shares with us their passion and discover how they have woven themselves into the fabric of the place they call home.

World Weather: From London to Bogota through New Delhi and Seoul, find the world weather. Europe Weather: weather report for the biggest European cities. ​Format: 1'05''. Frequency: 2/hour​. Broadcast daily in 7 languages.

Video series highlighting innovative local solutions to global environmental problems across London.

FOOTBALL NOW focuses on the stories that don’t make the mainstream media headlines. The abundance of content is driven by footballing culture sourced directly for the fans in a digital only format.

Melting Pot Culture gives audiences an insight ​into the lives of Dubai’s expats, who account for 85% of the population; speaking about why they chose Dubai as their home.​

THE EXCHANGE looks beyond the boardroom and reports on the people, businesses, ideas and innovations that are at the forefront of the business conversation in the 21st century. By profiling disruptive start-ups and entrepreneurs alongside established and experienced business leaders.

The Kitchen is a unique platform where professional chefs share their favourite recipes and show you their secret ways to make fabulous food. These dishes tell the story of both the continent and the unique minds who create them. Tradition, history and influence come together in The Kitchen - Europe’s cultural cookbook.

Explore is a melting pot of experiences, an eye opener on the world, and the place to be inspired for your next trip.

Two major international decision-makers led by Euronews journalists engage ​in a frank and constructive exchange of ideas on European and global affairs.​

Discover the areas of Dubai that are the building blocks of this unique city. From the artistic Alserkal Avenue to the adrenaline-driven autodrome, there is a place for everyone to enjoy away from the beaten tourist trail.

High-adrenaline travel series ​from Euronews that searches out the most ​exciting experiences a country has to offer. ​From skiing to scuba diving, our thrill-seeking reporter will travel the globe looking for sporting challenges, breathtaking scenery and unforgettable experiences.​

From the kitchens of renowned chefs, the must-visit markets worldwide, exclusive food festivals, and research laboratories, we will discover how ingredients and products are grown, manufactured and cooked. Besides the sensory and visual dimension of food and healthy eating, our program will also be educational. Viewers will learn about the nutritive value and functional qualities of certain types of foods.

Euronews turns the spotlight on a spectrum ​of Small and Medium Enterprises, revealing stories​ and projects behind the driving force of the European economy.

Working with world leading sources we give you the latest climate facts, analyse the trends and explain how our planet is changing.​ We meet the experts on the front line of climate change who explore new strategies to mitigate and adapt.​ The show is hosted by Jeremy Wilks, Euronews' Space, Science and Technology correspondent.​

Shining a light on the many and varied aspects of a particular country.

Get the latest lifestyle news and in-depth coverage of music, pop culture, shows, arts, entertainment, expositions, events, concerts, fashion, from Europe and the rest of the world, ​all as video on demand.​​

Series of uncut conversational interviews hosted by Euronews’ lead correspondent Isabelle Kumar. ​​Disrupted brings advices from the leaders of the world's most disruptive companies.​

How can we make our food chain truly sustainable? From cutting pesticides in farming and improving animal welfare standards, to processing, packaging, and avoiding food waste, Farm to Fork reports on inspiring initiatives and success stories across Europe.

An unswerving and direct programme that gets to the heart of what matters in business. With its bite-size, accessible format, Target can take even the most complex issues and present them to a wider audience.

QATAR 365 showcases Qatar’s actions and opportunities on the global stage. Highlighting the country as a place to visit and to invest in with programmes focussing on lifestyle, culture, tourism and business information.

This Euronews Travel series brings you inspiring stories of some of the world's most trailblazing solo female travellers.

Real Economy focuses on the macroeconomic issues that shape our everyday lives, reporting on the ground, explaining the jargon, and looking for solutions that work.

#THECUBE is a team of specialist social media journalists who find, verify and debunk the biggest stories in real-time. They are on a mission to make sense of what is going on and explain why it matters to you.

Looking at the top oceanic issues of our times - pollution and marine life, the blue economy, sustainable fishing, aquaculture, climate change, ocean energy and more. We also look at the policies and projects designed to protect our seas.

Shining a light on a specific aspect of a country or life in that country. Our journalist will condense information, tips and advice into a fast-paced, visually-appealing snapshot, covering both world-class sights and off-the-beaten track attractions. The content is further embellished with bonus videos, an interactive map and our ‘traveller’s diary.’

Whether you want a small tweak to your routine, ​some healthier eating options or a step-by-step guide ​to improving your well-being, we provide advice ​and perspectives from across Europe.

An in-depth at leading research, science ​and technology projects in Europe, highlighting ​the cooperation of scientists across national borders ​in Europe.

Touring Europe to show how Cohesion Policy projects are helping people live better lives across the EU.

Highlighting the passion, dedication and expertise that goes into producing some of Spain's finest food.

The business news specialist magazine that weekly combines top stories with wider analysis together with a dedicated segment focusing on major digital evolutions affecting our world today.

A Euronews original series on men challenging universal stereotypes and fighting for gender equality.

Explores Africa’s growing focusing on a compilation of business, culture, sports and technology related stories. A dedicated online section will showcase all episodes including associated articles and social media unmissable stories.

In this video series, we’ll meet ordinary people around the world who live in innovative ways to help the climate and environment. We’ll learn how they cut their carbon footprint by growing their own food, building their own homes, and even living fully off-grid.

We speak to the most powerful companies that ​aspire to add a modern, open and transparent aspect to their ​brand while reaching a wide influential European audience.

Artificial Intelligence is a corporate buzzword ​but what does the advance of AI mean in reality?​ AI in Motion gets behind the science and algorithmes ​to showcase how our world is set to change and how each and every one of us will be affected.

Each episode follows one individual highlighting the good ​work they do, for example Richard Branson and his Virgin Unite Foundation, Exploring philanthropy and charity in all ​its modern forms.​

Talking honestly about the science of our planet, the human body and mind, mobile and connected technologies, transport, cities, energy, food. Next keeps it simple, while showing you how complex the world is getting.

Euronews Travel’s first original YouTube series, Rerouted: Balkans, takes you on a unique trip to discover a spectacular range of cultures, customs and lifestyles, and introduce you to the people who preserve them. Social media influencer and travel vlogger Eva Zu Beck goes off the beaten track to Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Albania.

Keep your finger on the market’s pulse and stay updated on the business news affecting ​your industry with Markets on Euronews.​

All the latest movie news, with trailers, comments ​and interviews from the world of cinema. ​​Including special episodes of Cinema ​from the world’s top film festivals, featuring exclusive interviews with actors, directors and clips from upcoming movies.​

Each month Unreported Europe brings you in-depth investigations, and exclusive reports from the field.

Stay updated on the digital currency market news and trends, thanks to our brand new program Cryptocurrency Market which will be launched on Euronews TV and

A unique opportunity to glimpse the most exclusive moments in the world of fashion, luxury and style.​

Sustainable healthcare is at the heart of Smart Care. Faced with an ageing population and a rise in the cost of healthcare, the challenge is not only living longer but living smarter. We share healthcare innovations and speak to patients, doctors, specialists and policymakers in Europe and beyond.

An innovative interview format filmed on location at key global events and forums, adapted to a variety of guests from across the political and business spectrum and filming in a range of international locations.

Bringing you a selection of the most talked-about events, shows and festivals that are making waves in Europe. Find out what’s on near you. Concerts, art exhibitions, premieres – Rendez-Vous brings you our hand-picked selection of six of the best cultural events in Europe, every day.