In case you missed it: 2022 Mobility Week Wrap-up

September 16-22

Campaigning for Sustainable Urban Mobility in Europe

euronews rounds off its 2022 edition of Mobility Week, an inspiring informative exclusive coverage encouraging behavioral change in favour of active mobility, public transport and other clean, intelligent transport solutions.

Watch the 2022 Mobility Week wrap-up

This new edition of Mobility Week focused on the most innovative initiatives designed to create better connections within European cities: micro-mobility and e-transportation, smart cities, cargo bikes, walkability, free public transportation, among other topics will be at the heart of the euronews coverage.

The special coverage featured news content and specials running on-air alongside news, as well as original, in-depth and inspiring content all living within a dedicated digital hub, in depth stories availablable in 9 languages

euronews next and euronews green, our content platforms dedicated to innovation and sustainability also produced exclusive content diving further more into the theme of creating better connections.
euronews Mobility weeks are an opportunity to put forward bold initiatives and solutions addressing issues that matter.