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In a fast-changing multimedia industry, gain a competitive advantage by leveraging world-class media education and training built on euronews 25+ years of experience.

Media & journalism
training modules

Your teams will gain a deep understanding of the latest journalism techniques they need to deliver and successfully run a news media content stream in the digital era.

Tv & Digital Journalism

  • News writing
  • Reporting skills
  • Covering European and international news – current affairs
  • Pitching your voice
  • Covering a press conference
  • Protests and demonstrations coverage
  • Managing a multicultural newsroom
  • Mobile journalism revolution
  • Advance and personality interview techniques
  • Live news reporting
  • Covering a press conference

Digital and social media management

  • Social media strategy
  • Managing data and video
  • Managing live coverage
  • Digital product strategy and product marketing
  • Digital audience development
  • Build and thrive in an international context
  • How to sell your digital inventory
  • VR and immersive journalism
  • YouTube channel management

Media business

  • Markets trends in the media and news industries
  • Marketing and digital media strategies
  • Advertising and sponsored content strategies
  • Distribution and digital content sales strategies
  • Business development and revenue diversification


Our E-learning platform for students, journalists and media professionals provides online teaching and virtual live training sessions.


Set up your own
academy hub

Opportunity to launch a regional euronews or africanews academy hub that will give students, jobs seekers, young professionals and media executives detailed insight of euronews standards and best practices.

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team of trainers

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We offer a wide range of multi-platform solutions to respond to the needs of your brand.

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