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Africanews is on a mission to tell African stories from a ‚Äčpan-African perspective, inspiring people to share their opinions and making their voice resonate.‚Äč


Africanews is the sole multilingual media to address audiences in French and English-speaking countries creating bridges between regional audiences, Africanews brings its expertise at the forefront of global audiences on euronews, sharing unique insights and analyses. 


This year marked our 5th anniversary, and ‚Äčwe are more than ever committed to changing ‚Äčthe African narrative and connecting ‚Äčthe continent and the diaspora. ‚Äč

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      Pan-African multilingual news channel in Africa
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      African Affluent reached monthly
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Africanews programmes

Breathtaking scenery , unforgettable moments and sporting challenges African Adventures reporters are relentless in searching out s the most exciting experiences a country has to offer from safaris, hiking, and trekking to scuba diving and surfing Africanews Travel: a segment dedicated to travel and tourism content in our popular Morning Call programme.‚Äč

Latest news on African and international sports.‚Äč

Weekly business news programme with an African perspective on international and African economies.‚Äč

This lifestyle programme looks at arts ‚Äčand entertainment across the African continent. ‚ÄčReporting on the latest trends in art, culture, cinema, music, fashion including cultural events and concerts. ‚Äč

Covering topics as diverse as culture, heritage, cuisine, sports and lifestyle. Explore is a melting pot ‚Äčof experiences, an eye opener on the world.

In depth analysis of an event or current affairs issue that adopts a flexible approach to storytelling to suit the subject.. ‚ÄčOur Focus team cover subjects as diverse as a major business forum ‚Äčto the latest news report on renewable energy, sustainable development, infrastructure and much more.‚Äč

Overview of football events across Africa and Europe that covers results, highlights and summaries as well as discussions and debate with professionals, experts and fans across the continent.‚Äč

Africanews flagship twice monthly programme ‚ÄúInspire Africa‚ÄĚ shines a spotlight on the rise of Africa and the millions of men ‚Äčand women who establish, innovate and drive the growth of the continent. ‚Äč Inspire Africa delivers the uplifting stories ‚Äčof the key experts who establish the continent‚Äôs development.

 Inspire Middle East showcases new voices, cutting-edge innovation and vibrant storytelling from across the business and cultural spectrum, connecting people in the MENA region with those around the world.

Keep your finger on the market pulse and stay up to date on the business news affecting your industry with Markets on Africanews.‚Äč

Weather forecasts in Africa.

The Morning Call is an interactive daily programme. ‚ÄčCo-hosted by two anchors.he talk-show format provides advice and perspective from correspondents in the field alongside ‚Äčanalysts and experts. Covering politics, business ‚Äčreports, sports and entertainment. ‚Äč,as well as healthier eating or ‚Äča step-by-step guide to improving your well-being.

The latest developments in science and technology developments presented in an accessible format. ‚ÄčOur Sci Tech team covers the major technology ‚Äčand innovation shows around the world, bringing you news and breaking trends from the frontiers of scientific endeavour as well as the latest gadgets and more.

Shining a light on the many and varied aspects ‚Äčof a particular country. ‚Äč

The start-up sector is booming on the African continent. Start-up Africa showcases the success stories that are breaking the mould across health, biotech, fintech, services, agribusiness, cleantech, telecoms and much more. Each start-up provides solutions based on the latest tech developments that are helping tackle the challenges in rural areas and areas that are deprived of resources..‚Äč ‚Äč

A daily look at arts and entertainment across ‚Äčthe African continent. Reporting on cinema, music, fashion and cultural events and concerts.‚Äč

Selects the best weekly cultural events ‚Äčon the African continent Time Out Africa showcases a selection ‚Äčof the influential African artists in the world.‚Äč

Weather forecasts from across the global as well as temperature forecasts in the main cities.



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