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Our programmatic specialists develop cross-platform and precise targeting matched to your requirements. Our first-party data delivers hard-to-reach global audiences in a premium environment with contextual targeting in 12 local languages. We constantly strive to ensure that your campaigns are positioned within brand safe environments, are GDPR compliant and deliver high viewability rates.

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Formats available to buy programmatically include standard display, on-site video (pre-roll & outstream), YouTube pre-roll, native and rich media.


Cost-effective buying solution employing data matching with limited targeting and access to formats. It has lower priority in the bidding hierarchy.

Private Auction

Access to all site sections and our first-party data with limited formats and targeting options.

Preferred Deal

Higher bidding priority with access to our first-party and contextual targeting segments. Most formats available.

Programmatic Guaranteed

Premium inventory with guaranteed volumes, access our full range of targeting capabilities and all formats.


Examples of the exclusive segments that can be targeted programmatically across platforms.

  • Culture lovers

    Voracious readers, frequent leisure travellers, eager to learn about new cultures.

  • Travel enthusiasts

    Interested in unique and lesser known destinations, they are drawn to travel guides and insider “how to” destination videos.

  • Food, drinks & culinary connoisseurs

    Eager to try new cuisines and share their passion on social media, photographing their food. More likely to visit high-end restaurants but at the same time are interested in street food.

  • Fashionistas

    Avid shoppers both online and high-street with a preference for premium brands. They lean towards ethical purchasing and are curious about cultural influences in fashion.

  • Generation green

    Primarily millennials who are cautious about the global impact of their purchases. They are focused on health and well-being, are heavy mobile users and well-informed about technology and sensitive to privacy issues.

  • Business decision-makers

    Hold C-suite and executive leadership roles with a strong interest in technology and software that helps solve problems. They are also frequent business travellers.

  • Health & wellness devotees

    They are keen adopters of fitness technologies and more likely to follow “fad” and established diet plans. They follow Youtube influencers and are frequent travellers.

  • Business & finance

    Hold decision making job roles and are frequent business travellers. They have a thirst for knowledge and undertake detailed research before making financial decisions

  • Automotive enthusiasts

    Typically, they own multiple vehicles, regularly watch global auto shows, car reviews videos, and are interested in automotive innovation, hybrid and electric vehicles.

  • The technophiles

    Early adopters of new tech and make the key decisions on technology solutions at home. They believe that technology can be used to improve society, quality of life and solve business problems.

  • High net-worth individuals

    They actively invest in financial markets and have a diverse investment portfolio. They also invest in unique and luxurious experiences.

  • Education & academia

    Connected to universities and higher education institutions, they are also likely to be undertaking academic courses and training online, investing to improve and up skill. They search for vocational and specialist courses. They like YouTube, technology and social media.

  • Home improvement & DIY

    They are regular desktop and tablet users, fond of YouTube. They love interior designer inspiration and new ideas for indoor and outdoor home improvement projects. They invest in construction, gardening, and greenhouses. They like staycations and are family oriented.

  • Online shoppers & trendsetters

    They are mobile shoppers seeking designer fashion and beauty products hunting for discounts and vouchers. They engage with brands on Instagram and Pinterest, looking for ideas and inspirations. They like getaways and beach holidays in all-inclusive resorts.

  • Luxury lifestyle seekers

    They invest time and money in new cultures, art, theatres and live performances, high-end restaurants and premium wines, and designer brands.

  • Sports enthusiasts

    ​Audiences identified specifically by their web behavior. This includes the consumption of sporting events, and sporting news articles across and are likely to be interested in health and fitness.

  • Gaming & gambling

    The majority of this audience is male, aged between 25-54 and use mobile as their prefered device type. They have shown interest or visited gambling-related content.

  • Ultra-high net worth individuals & investors

    They have significant investible assets and are keen followers of politics and political developments. They are also likely to also invest in unique and luxurious experiences including luxury travel, vintage wines, and have a penchant for understanding different cultures.

  • C-suite

    They are Senior Directors in charge of decision-making​, members of the senior management team and avid supporters of technology and solving problems using tech advancements​. They also frequently travel for business.

  • Science & discovery

    They are known to consume both text and AV content that deals with modern scientific discoveries​. Avid readers of non-fiction literature these audiences also regularly follow key content generators across social media channels, particularly Twitter & Quora​​.


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