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Web Summit 2019: Five leading start-ups chosen by the European Commission, and what they do

By Euronews

Five startups stand out among the 2,000 at Web Summit this year. They are representing the Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest support network for SMEs created by the European Union.

Presenting their projects from the European Union stand, the innovators are tackling issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and fake news. We invited them to pitch their startup in 20 seconds. See them in the video player, above.

Who are they?

Broomx, from Spain, has created the world’s first immersive projector, an innovative headset-free virtual reality system set to transform the lives of thousands, among them Alzheimer’s patients. Combining cutting-edge technology and creativity, the Spanish start-up will enable users to experience virtual reality (VR) without the use of headsets.

carVertical, from Lithuania, has created a global decentralised car history registry. Their product is revolutionising the purchase of second-hand cars. CarVertical enables potential buyers to check a vehicle’s full history online before purchasing. They promise to uncover mileage fraud and unreported damages., from Austria, collects and verifies information on a single interface. Its goal is to transform journalism by helping newsrooms and businesses sort vast amounts of information from web sources as well as journals, paid-for newspapers and trusted sources, all in a single search engine.

Youbiquo, from Italy, has created a pair of Smart Glasses powered with artificial intelligence that work as a lifeline for maintenance workers and other professionals. The equipment is customisable, and allows workers to ask for live maintenance procedures, call remote experts, recognise parts and record operations. “Workers can be connected to a remote expert who can guide them through a tricky operation,” said Carratu.

Last2Ticket, from Portugal, is a software company that has developed an integrated e-ticketing and event management software for event organisers, as well as analytical tools to increase sales. They are already powering events in more than eight countries in Europe and Asia.

The Enterprise Europe Network prides itself on being the world's largest support network for SMEs with international ambitions, with the mission to offer them business advice, and hands-on support to help achieve their goals. 

The Network was launched by the European Commission in 2008. Since then it has helped 3 million SMEs innovate and grow internationally.

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