Turkey blamed for breakdown of talks on EU membership

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has accused Turkey of wanting to blame Europe, not itself, for a breakdown in EU membership talks.

SOT: Jean Claude Junker, European Commission President

“Turkey is moving away from Europe. I believe that Mr Erdogan would like Europe to say that it wants to put an end to the negotiations so he can put responsibility on the European Union and not Turkey.”

Relations between Berlin and Ankara have been growing increasingly frosty, after German citizens were arrested last summer

SOT: German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

“We wish to have better ties with Turkey but it needs to coincide with the observance of constitutional principles and we do not see them in Turkey at the moment .”

In February, this man, Deniz Yucel a German-Turkish journalist, was arrested in Turkey on charges of terror propaganda.

Germany has accused the Turkish President of attempting to silence his critics at home and abroad.

Those at the top believe Turkey’s ambition to join the EU is ‘unrealistic’ as long as Erdogan is President.
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