Australian teen hospitalised after vicious sea bugs attack

An Australian man caught and filmed the “critters” that attacked his son’s legs on a Melbourne beach on Saturday, August 5.

Jarrod Kanizay’s 16-year-old son, Sam, sat in the water at Brighton beach after playing sport and when he got out found that he had been bitten by the creatures leaving him with blood-soaked legs.

The teen was taken to hospital to stem the bleeding from what his father described as “pinprick bites”.

WARNING: Graphic. Melbourne teen ‘eaten’ by sea creatures.— (@newscomauHQ) August 7, 2017

Mr Kanizay trapped the mystery insects with the help of friends and recorded the creatures devouring chunks of red meat.

Associate Professor at Monash University’s School of Biological Sciences Richard Reina, was confident Sam’s bites were caused by sea lice.

“I think it’s very rare,” Mr Reina told AAP..

“When it happens (getting bitten by sea lice) you brush it off, or move, or get out of the water and there’s no consequence, whereas in this case, Sam was standing in cold water for quite a long time.

“He probably thought the pins and needles he described was the cold and didn’t realise there were crustaceans chewing on his feet.”
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