Elderly people fully vaccinated have fun at care home`s music festival

This festival has been called "Primabuela Sound" (a play on words with the famous "Primavera Sound festival" celebrated in Barcelona every year, and the word abuela, grandmother in Spanish) and has been organized by the management of the care home. They have been planning different activities for its residents for some time, within their new "I FEEL" working method.

The festival is sponsored by the vermouth company "El Bandarra" whose advertisement for its Al Fresco cocktail starring grandmothers served as inspiration for the centre's management to organize the party.

The songs have been chosen by the residents themselves and all of them are from their youthful years, with hits by well-known Spanish singer Manolo Escobar, Raphael or foreign singers like Tom Jones.

Lleida care home staff considers that its elders deserve to have fun after overcoming such a difficult time due to the pandemic.

The aim of the initiative is to empower the age and to live moments like these with them, because being at a care home doesn't mean elders have stopped wanting to have fun and enjoy life.

The sponsoring company hopes the first grandparents' music festival could be also held at others care homes in the upcoming months.