A prospective buyer inspects the quality of a frozen tuna before the first auction of the year at the newly-opened Toyosu Market,

Tokyo's Toyosu fish market held its first tuna auction of 2021 on Tuesday. Before dawn, buyers in rubber boots inspected the quality of giant fresh and frozen tunas by examining the neatly cut tail end with flashlights and rubbing slices between their fingers.

Tokyo's annual New Year tuna auction ends without the usual jaw-dropping bidding war and the most expensive fish of the day -- a 208-kilogram bluefin, bought by the sushi restaurant Ginza Onodera for 21 million yen (€166,000).

Previously in Tsukiji -- the world's biggest fish market and a popular tourist attraction in an area packed with restaurants and shops -- the market moved in October 2018 to Toyosu, a former gas plant a bit further east.