Demonstrators with Italian flags holding banner reading "No lockdown"

Protests broke out in Italy after new measures were adopted by the Italian government to contain coronavirus cases.

Two demonstrations took place in Rome on Saturday:

The "Tricolour Masks" gathered in the central square of Campo de' Fiori, where less than one hundred people wore tricolour masks and waved Italian flags.

In the evening, over 2,000 people descended on Piazza Indipendenza and then marched toward the popular neighbourhood of San Lorenzo.

Police clashed with protesters, with demonstrators throwing bottles and stones at officers.

Protesters are concerned with the lack of adequate state assistance as Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte is considering more stringent virus measures, including a full lockdown.

As of Saturday Italy added a record 31,758 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours and doubled the deaths to nearly 300.

The Health Ministry says approximately one of every seven people receiving swab tests has tested positive in recent days.

Italy has nearly 680,000 confirmed cases and 38,618 deaths, the second-highest deaths in Europe.