Endangered Amur leopard cubs venture out for first time at San Diego Zoo

Two endangered Amur leopard cubs are now venturing out to explore their enclosure for the first time at San Diego Zoo, just as visitors are beginning to return after lockdown measures ease in the United States.

Amur leopards are the rarest of the big cat species on the planet, with fewer than 100 believed to exist in the wild in their historic range in Russia and China.

The cubs, who were born April 26, have not been named and are yet to have their sex checked by veterinarians at the zoo. They are the second litter for their mother, Satka, who is keeping a watchful eye on them as they explore and play.

"The cubs are climbing up on the rocks, they are getting into the trees, sometimes listening to mom and sometimes not listening to mom," said Kelly Murphy, a senior wildlife care specialist at San Diego Zoo.

The cubs first left their indoor den 20 days after they were born.

Only a month-old, the cubs are already perfecting their natural behaviour and skills, including stalking and climbing trees.